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Episode 705: I Only Wanted

Dustin shook his head as he watched one of his lead actors walk out of the rehearsal space, cutting things short. Yeah, heíd promised earlier that the actor could take off at this specific hour, but that was before time had flown by so fast with so little done. The worst part was that Dustin knew the lack of progress was mostly his fault; he was too much of a perfectionist. The trait was a curse and a blessing.

He turned to Adria. Her hair pulled back in a sloppy ponytail, her body hidden beneath baggy sweats, and not a trace of makeup on her face. Dustin was sure this was her deliberate attempt to look unattractive, only that wasnít possible at her level of attractiveness.

"So," he said, "looks like itís just you and me."

Panic filled her eyes. "Iím going to go now, too." She grabbed her purse off the floor and held it in front of her like she needed a shield to protect her from him.

Dustin frowned. "You need to clear that kind of thing ahead of time, itís common courtesy, this is a job, you wouldnít just walk out on any other kind of boss without advance notice. I thought you were the one person as serious about this as I am."

"I am serious about this," Adriaís eyes darted around the big empty space, her hands still clutching that purse for dear life. "I just-"

"We need to work some more on these scenes."

"I know, but I donít think thatís a good idea right now," she said.

"Because weíre alone?"

Adria nodded.

Exasperation clawed at his skin. "Iím not going to do anything to you!"

"I should go." Adria moved to walk by him. He grabbed her arm. "Let go!"

"Youíre the one who needs to let go," Dustin insisted. "Stop being so full of yourself. I. Donít. Want. You." It wasnít entirely true, but he definitely didnít want her to the degree where heíd risk his career to pursue her.

"So itís all in my imagination?" She scowled.

"Maybe youíre seeing what you want to see from me. You chose to come back to the play."

"Because I want to act."

"Youíre not here for anything else?"

"Iím married."

"Maybe youíve been married for too long?" Dustin hadnít intended to say that, it just flew out, as did, "or maybe it happened when you were too young?"

Considering he didnít want anything, including his attraction to his leading lady to get in the way of work, it was a curious couple of questions to pose. Apparently Adriaís husband thought so, too, as he stepped out of the darkness. "Answer him, Addie."

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