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Episode 704: Respect

Ryley shook his head when the same waiter circled back to him and again offered up a tray of champagne. He probably looked like he needed a drink. He felt like he’d needed one ever since Adria went back to work with that director, but Ryley had no desire to go down the same road as his mom, alcohol wouldn’t help anything.

It wouldn’t change the fact that his wife was somewhere he didn’t want her to be. He couldn’t probably change things. He couldn’t probably put an end to his misery; stop him from having to wonder if she was okay, if they’d be okay.

He could ask her to quit, and she probably would. But Ryley didn’t want to be that guy who squashed his wife’s dreams. That guy who controlled everyone around him.

His eyes automatically went to his father-in-law across the room and he wished they hadn’t. The other man had been too wrapped up in networking at the business event to notice Ryley, until that moment.

Given his uncharacteristically volatile mood, Ryley didn’t think Adria’s father was the best person for him to talk to, Phillip Marques might push him over the edge.

Within minutes, Adria’s dad made his way over to Ryley and they were shaking hands. Phillip headed straight for the heart of the matter. "Where’s your better half?"

Ryley didn’t answer. It wasn’t an honest question. Phillip knew. He had stopped by the rehearsal space. Adria had given Ryley a play by play of the incident. She’d thanked him for not being like her dad, for respecting her decisions. Ryley hadn’t said anything then, either. He wasn’t really speaking with his wife of late, he didn’t know what to say, he didn’t respect this particular decision of hers, not at all.

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