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Episode Seventy: Baby It's Cold Out Side

"For crying out loud Jess, did you have to make a big mess today?" Lila admonished her son in an angry whisper, heíd gone crazy with the syrup and it flooded the table.

"Go easy on the guy," Sebastian said through a yawn as he walked in on the scene. "Heís got visions of sugar fairies dancing in his head,"

"I think itís sugarplums," Lila corrected, despairingly eyeing the sticky table.

"Right, right, the fairies must just be in my head and they all look like Beyoncť Knowles," Bas replied with a devious smile and decided to make a diversion before he got stuck with a washcloth. "Hey Jess, why donít you come open up the gift I got you or was I supposed to say Santa got you? Oh well, too late now I guess,"

About ten minutes later, Lila brought in a plate of pancakes and watched as Sebastian took all of a half a second to scarf them down. "Thanks, that was great," he said, and kissed the top of her head, fleeing to shower and change.

Upon his return the stereo was whimpering with the sounds of Vanessa Williams and Lila was helping Jess navigate his way through his pile of gifts from her various foes, their one tradition. This year was so close to being different though, close to being everything. "Bas, maybe you could build a fire, itís kind of chilly in here."

"Iíll just turn up the thermostat," he offered, scratching the back of his neck. "So, Iíll try and swipe you guys some pie, no guarantees, Iíll see you later, Merry Christmas,"

Seventy-One: I Still Believe In Santa Claus

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