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Seventy-One: I Still Believe In Santa Claus

"I canít believe theyíre working, what a trashy thing to do," Adria sighed picking at a piece of tape on an unopened present, the room was loaded with unopened presents. "Look at that," she gestured at the TV. "The Tanners are stuck at the airport and they still manage to have the best Christmas in the history of Christmas."

"Yeah, that cleaning fetish the skinny guyís got is really ideal," Bas replied and she frowned at him. "Sorry Ad, I forgot the Tanners are sacred, a thousand apologies, so, could I get your secret opinion on something," he pulled out a powder blue box and opened it.

"Wow! Whoís it for?" Adria asked, she viewed her older brother and sister like ultimate editions of Page Six. Within seconds Sebastian was forced to hurriedly hide the box beneath a pillow as Ava entered the room unannounced.

"Mia let me in," Avalon proclaimed warily from the doorway, "I would have brought my gifts over yesterday but everythingís kind of piled up on me, I really didnít mean to bust in on your holiday like this-"

"Thereís nothing to bust in on;" Adria admitted glumly then immediately perked up. "Forget it, Iím opening Avaís family gift while sheís here, Bas here, thereís one special for you, open it, Iím sick of this they canít just stop Christmas from happening."

Ava watched them apprehensively. "Donít get too excited, its nothing-"

"Gingerbread cookies, thank god, they wonít let me eat sugar around here, itís practically a concentration camp, well, not really but you get what I mean, I love these Ava," Adria gushed.

Bas tore open his gift as Ava leaned over with her forehead in her hands, she thought for sure heíd laugh at what she gave him, instead he was sitting there looking confused.

"Itís just a picture of the sunset, on your cliff, I wanted to get a great frame for it but cab fare these days is just out of this world and-"

He was standing next to her by then and Adria was watching the entire scene with great interest as she nibbled away on her second cookie. "This, itís great, I didnít expect-"

"Thatís all right," she said hurriedly. "I really have to get home to my mom,"

And she was gone and he was left standing there. "Men! ĎI didnít expectí- you say- she thought you meant you didnít expect sheíd get you anything and so she thinks you didnít get her anything. Doofus, why didnít you give her the necklace?"

"Because, Ad, I think Iíd get about fifty extra points for originality on something else, something better, I just donít know what." He admitted while gazing at the photo.

Episode Seventy-Two: Learning To Fly

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