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Episode 698: Put It On My Tab

Avalon gazed at the stack of books, magazines, and various other wedding related stuff scattered over the coffee table. The choices, never mind the potential cost of those choices made her head swim. She collapsed back against the sofa cushions, ready to admit defeat.

"Mabye we should just go to City Hall. It would take the pressure off." At least some of it, either way they would be pledging to spend their lives together, there would be some pressure involved, especially since her last wedding hadnít happened.

Speaking of, Sebastian asked, "Isnít City Hall where youíd planned to marry Xavier?"

"Yeah, but-"

"No, then."

"He didnít show up. Itís not like you and I would be a carbon copy of that disaster."

"Thereís no way I would miss it."

Ava smiled. She hadnít really thought heíd leave her in the lurch on their big day; still, it was a comfort to hear him put it into words. "Exactly," she said. "This time will be different for me even if it is the same location."

Sebastian shook his head. "I donít want any of it to be the same for you. I donít want you to be standing there and thinking of him."

"That wonít happen, this is about you and me, Xavier is long gone from the picture. He wonít even cross my mind."

"Iím not taking that chance. And Iím not letting you get married that way. Weíve gone through a lot to get here. We deserve something special after all that, or at least you do. City Hall isnít special."

"Itíll be special because itís you and me."

"Can you honestly tell me youíve never had some girly dream ideas of flowers and a white dress and-"

"I also have a dream of not being in debt up to my eyeballs."

"Iíll figure out the money issue, Iíll find a way," Sebastian vowed. "This is a memory weíll have forever. It should be priceless. Itís going to be good, so much better than your wedding with Xavier would have been."

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