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Episode 699: Pearl

"Canít we go somewhere?" Talia asked, seated on the secondhand sofa that folded out into his bed. "I got my mother to babysit my kids with the idea that I would actually go somewhere."

"I didnít ask you to get a babysitter, and I didnít ask you to go anywhere with me. One of the consequences of having a boyfriend you bribed with his privacy is that privacy is really important to him," Xavier pointed out.

"Itís not like youíre here twenty-four seven. You go to the garage and places. So why canít we go to the movies or dinner or just somewhere?"

"This is somewhere for you, you donít live here, never will." At the rate she was leeching into his life, he figured he needed to make that clear.

"This is nowhere," she complained.

"Itís where I want to be. If you donít like it, we can always call it quits."

Talia frowned at him. She was always frowning at him. So why didnít she just give up on the idea of them already?

"Why do you have to make this so difficult?" She asked. "Am I really that bad?"

"Bribery isnít good."

"Fine, yes." She flicked her hand as if a little bribery were merely a pice of lint you dust off. "But me, as a person, setting that stuff aside, am I really so awful to be around?"

"I donít know you as a person, you never gave me the chance, you just dove right into the blackmail five minutes after we met. I know you as the nightmare whoís holding me hostage."

"Fine, if thatís who I am, I guess I better live up to my reputation and be your nightmare." With that ominous statement, Talia stood, grabbed her purse and her coat, and headed for the door.

It took a moment for Xavier to recover from her thinly veiled threat and say, "are you telling the world about me? You canít do this." He grabbed her elbow as she reached the door and turned her around. "Please, donít - waitÖ are you crying?"

Talia pressed the heels of her hands to her glistening eyes. "I guess Iím crying a little."

"Thatís weird."

Talia scowled at him. "What do you think I am, a robot? Itís weird that I have emotions like an actual human?"

"Itís weird that youíre the one whoís crying when Iím the victim."

"Iím not a villain," Talia insisted. "I donít go around blackmailing people."

"Iím just lucky."

"You said no without even really considering me. You wouldnít give me a chance; no decent guy has given me a real chance in a long time. I know what Iím doing to you, this whole forcing you to hang out with me, I know itís sad, and bad, but itís not all I am. There might be a pearl in here," she tearfully pointed to her chest, "if anyone would bother to look."

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