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Episode 695: My Happiness

Ryley took her mittened hand in his as they walked through the snowy ski village. "This was a good idea," he said. "Between your parents taking their sweet time showing up for Christmas, and my rowdy family, itís nice for it to be just you and me, like that first New Yearís Eve."

"Yeah, this is exactly the vibe I was hoping for when I found it on the internet." Adria gestured to the fairy lights sparkling above them. "Itís so quiet and mellow."

"Perfect for wife kissing." Ryley pulled her in to him and did exactly that.

Adria smiled after the kiss, but it was nervous. "I hoped it would be the perfect place for something else," she said, "for something I need to talk to you about."

She looked so serious. The only thing Ryley could think was that maybe she was pregnant. He wasnít in any rush to be a dad, but he wasnít opposed to it, not at all. She didnít need to be nervous. "Itís okay. You can tell me anything. Itíll be good."

"I bumped into Dustin before Christmas," she said, "you know, that director."

"I do know. Why would you wait so long to tell me?" It had better not be about preserving her damn reputation, so the casting directors wouldnít see her as trouble. "I know how much you love to act, but some things like your safety and your emotional wellbeing are more important. I wish youíd said something right away, but at least youíre saying something now. Weíll get a restraining order," he said, fishing his phone from his pocket. "We should have done this to begin with, now heíll never bother-"

"He didnít bother me. He asked me to reconsider taking the lead role."

"So, you said no, and thatís that. Thankfully." There wasnít any call for alarm, she was just telling him because thatís what they did, they told each other everything.

"I didnít say no."

Ryley bowed his head. He kept it bowed as he said, "Iím a good husband, right?"

"The best."

He looked up. Angry. Fuming. "So then at what point do you stop putting me through hell? The divorce threats, the shutting me out, the single-handedly trying to hold us together, maybe all my efforts through that nightmare felt romantic to you, but on my end, it was a living hell. And now youíre going to work for the guy who harassed you? What a blast thatíll be, wondering day and night if heís hurt you, or if heís somehow seduced you intoÖ" Ryley rubbed his eyes, just thinking either scenario, stung.

"That wouldnít happen," she insisted.

"Neither of us know what will happen, Addie. I just know Iíve been there for you through a lot. I have been a good husband. I deserve better from my wife."

Episode 696: The Hardest Thing

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