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Episode 694: Santa Baby

They sat on the floor with their little girl as if they, too, were kids, and to Curran’s surprise, he didn’t mind. He actually loved it. He loved Hope every bit as much as he loved his wife. This fact continuously amazed him. He’d honestly thought he’d feel nothing for the child. He’d only agreed to do the parent thing for Michael’s sake. But, it turned out that family life was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

With a smile on his face, Curran pulled the next gift out from under the tree. "The tag must have fallen off this one, but I’m guessing by the teddy bears on the gift wrap, this was destined for Hopey."

Lucy watched her daughter snuggle into her other mom’s lap to open the next gift, the one from Lucy and Paul. Lucy was careful to rise only just enough to see over the windowsill. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard footsteps behind her.

"Hey," Paul whispered, "great minds, I guess. Did I miss it?"

"She’s opening it now." Lucy turned back to the window, thinking great minds probably wouldn’t have done this to themselves, they’d have accepted the situation, and tried harder to move on.

Calvin stomped his boots on the welcome mat, shaking off the snow before he stepped inside. He stood in the threshold but did not remove his boots or coat. "I wasn’t sure if I was welcome for Christmas."

His daughter behaved as tentatively towards him as she had when they first got to know one another. He wished he’d never agreed to relay wedding information to Sarette. Ava now looked at him as though he were a traitorous spy or something.

Ava’s fiance Sebastian took one of her hands in his. "You like having your dad around," he said. "You’ve forgiven me for worse."

Sebastian rose a little more in Cal’s estimation, particularly when his daughter looked to him and admitted, "I do like having you around. You just… you can’t talk to her about the wedding, okay? If she wants to know, she should come to me."

"I’m sorry, we should have skipped my parents and fly out to your family today instead of tomorrow." Adria leaned her head on her husband’s shoulder as they sat alone in her parents’ living room.

"One of them has to show up eventually," he said.

"Some years they never did." Her dad walked in right then though, with his briefcase, surprised to see them, surprised it was Christmas.

"I didn’t like how Aunt Talia acted last night," Tansy announced between gifts.

"He’s a big boy, he can take care of himself," Quent promised.

"Your dad’s right," Justine said. "Don’t worry, we all waste too much energy on that, what’s meant to be, must just be meant to be. Here, Quent this one’s for you."

Quent opened the box and unfolded some tissue paper, pulling out a onesie. "Uh, Just? I’m a big boy, too, and this is not going to fit. I think you had a tag mix-up. Is this maybe for one of your client’s kids?"

Episode 695: My Happiness

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