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Episode 693: My Only Wish This Year

The decorators worked like elves, running here and there, unpacking boxes, assembling the massive tree in their living room, hanging garlands, everything color co-ordinated, everything perfect.

But it wasnít perfect.

Paul slumped on the sofa, sipping hot apple cider, watching his mom direct the employees, and it was allÖ disappointing.

He knew why. He knew what was missing. "This would feel more festive if there was a kid around."

"Donít get any ideas, youíre barely out of college," his dad said from the armchair, his face hidden behind a newspaper.

Paulís mom came over and patted his hair. "Christmas is always sweet with my boy no matter what his age." She couldnít help thinking though, that it would be ten times sweeter with her daughter there, too.

With most everyone settled in and eating Christmas Eve dinner, Xavier stepped away from his post where heíd ladled out countless mashed potatoes, and wandered off to a quiet corner of the shelter. He leaned against the wall and pulled out the photograph folded in his pocket.

"Whatís that?"

He cringed at her voice. Talia hadnít made good on her threats to talk to the tabloids yet, but she continued to threaten him.

Across the room, Tansy folded her arms and scowled at her aunt, hanging all over her friend like that. He wouldnít fall for it, would he? He had to have noted Aunt Talia hadnít shown up in time to do any of the serving, and sheíd probably leave before the clean up. Thatís the kind of person Aunt Talia was.

"Everything okay?" Quent asked, approaching his wife. She appeared lost in thought as she sucked on one of the candy canes handed out to everyone at the shelter, including the volunteers.

"Justine," he tried again and this time she heard him. "Is everything okay?"

"Uh, oh, yeah, yeah. I think, yeah, it is. Itís going to be okay."

Episode 694: Santa Baby

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