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Episode 690: Heart Attack

Xavier just wanted to close the damn door, but Taliaís hand was on the door and Xavier wasnít in the habit of shoving women around, that had been his dadís domain.

"Itís not you," he said, and he meant it. He didnít even know her. "Iím not dating right now." Heíd thought about it. Heíd almost let Tansy set him up with the woman at the ice cream place, but his heart wasnít in it. It was with Ava. "Iím hung up on someone."

Quent told him Talia would be easily deterred. Xavier thought honesty might help get the message through to her. "Sheís taken. Sheíd been taken a long time now. But Iím still not over her. I donít think Iíll ever be over her."

"Well, Iím not taken. Why not take me?"

Xavier sucked in a deep breath. Quentin had given him the okay to be blunt if necessary; heíd said fighting her bluntness with some of your own was sometimes the only way with his sister. "I donít want you."

Her painted lips twisted. It looked like heíd finally gotten through to her, like she would back off, and let him close the door. But, instead, she said, "I know your name isnít Luke."

"Itís my middle name," he said, disturbed by the direction the conversation had taken.

"I know your first name. I know this is you." She pulled out her phone and showed him a picture from one of his album covers.

"Thatís not me."

"You may look like youíve been through a war since then, but your eyes give it away."

Xavier stepped aside, knowing he had no choice but to let her inside and explain. "Thatís not who I am anymore. I donít want that. Okay?"

"Okay. But there must be other things you want, like a personal life."

"No. Not now. I wasnít lying. I love someone else. Thatís the only personal life I want, and I canít have it."

"Well, I guess if you donít want a personal life, you may as well be famous again, theyíre always complaining about having no personal life."

"Is that a threat? Are you saying if I donít date you, youíll tell the world where I am? Why would you want to be with someone who you have to blackmail into it?"

"Desperate times." Talia looked away. She sounded sad. For obvious reasons Xavier couldnít feel for her.

Episode 691: Take My Breath Away

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