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Episode 691: Take My Breath Away

Calvin nodded to his future son-in-law and welcomed a hug from his daughter.

"Itís good to see you," he said.

"Because I brought you gifts, right," she said, gesturing to the bag in her hand.

Cal knew she was teasing, that Ava knew it was about her, not the gifts; still, his smile fell. "You brought gifts? Doesnít that mean we arenít on for Christmas day?" Heíd never really been a holiday guy before, couldnít care less if theyíd passed without his notice - until he had a daughter.

"Oh, no, thatís still on, I mean, if you want it to be, I know some people arenít that into-"

"We want you there," Sebastian said, and Cal knew it was for Ava. He knew this guy loved his daughter, but that didnít mean he wouldnít hurt her somehow.

"I want to come," Cal said.

"Great." Avalon grinned, and raised the bag. "These are some treats for tree trimming. Gingerbread and hot cocoa mix. I figured you donít keep a stockpile of that sort of thing."

"Iím lucky I have you." It was the thought that stayed with Calvin for the rest of the afternoon as they strung popcorn and hung ornaments. It was one of the happiest afternoons of Calís life, as long as he didnít dwell too much on his suspicions of Sebastian. He wanted to trust the guy, he really did, but he knew how Sebastianís father operated and what if the apple didnít fall too far from the bastard tree?

He hadnít been there for Ava while she was growing up; he was determined to be there for her now. So, of course that was when his cell phone rang. Heíd already apologized to Ava earlier, explaining that he expected a business call at some point. Still, he apologized once more as he excused himself to the kitchen, only it wasnít the call heíd been waiting on, it was Sarette Jordan, wanting the latest update on their daughter.

Ava walked in just as the converastion wrapped up; she overheard just enough to put two and two together. With a schooled expression, she asked, "Was that my - Sarette? She wants to know about my wedding?"

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