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Episode Sixty-Nine: Pennies In My Pocket

"I love you. I am in love with you. I love you and I hate myself for it," Bowie was chattering away to himself practicing, challenging Sebastian to a duel may have proved less painful. "Iím broke," he said as he paced down the empty aisles prior to closing. "I have nothing but lint in my pockets and I am in love with-"

Lila turned the corner sharply and pushed her cart right into him. Bowie limped away and leaned against a stack of soda, wincing. "That was eerily similar to when I taught you how to drive," he observed wheezing.

"I canít help it if youíre controlling." She giggled. "Somebody had to freak you out,"

"That you do, that you do," he mumbled and without being asked, took over pushing the cart. "Are you having another party that you didnít invite me to?" He asked not as lightly as he had meant it to sound.

"I lucked out on a scratch ticket, go figure, me, a big winner, anyway, I decided to blow it all on the holiday dinner. Jess is just obsessed with the Whoís and their roast beast-"

"Do you have to eat that in pitch black too or is Christmas a special occasion, do you get to go to the big house Lilac and frolic in the servantís quarters?" He suggested angrily.

"Shut up." Lilaís voice was even, calm almost except for the telltale clouds in her eyes. "Donít you think Iím human, Bowie? I heard you back there you know, saying that you love me and I hurt inside, I wasnít going to say anything but-"

He grabbed her by the elbow. "I havenít hurt you; heís the one that treats you like dirt,"

"And so do you!" She nearly shouted. "You want some perfect somebody same as he does only heís honest about it. You said it yourself; you hate the fact that youíre in love with me! What do you think? Is that the thing every girl dreams of hearing?"

Episode Seventy: Baby It's Cold Out Side

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