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Episode 689: The Truth About Love

The door opened. His hair was overlong, messy and in need of shampoo. He needed to shave, too. And iron his clothes. The guy was definitely a fixer-upper. She didnít mind that. She minded his frown.

"Do you live in the building or something?" He asked. "Was my music too loud?"

It bothered Talia that he didnít recognize her, that she hadnít been as memorable to him as heíd been to her. But it had only been a quick glimpse, and in darkness, when heíd brought back her increasingly bratty niece.

"I donít live here. I have no complaints about you." Talia sent him what she thought was one of her more dazzling smiles, sure to erase his frown, especially now that he knew she wasnít some annoying neighbor.

"So then?" He asked.

"So then?" She echoed, momentarily lost in the manís eyes - they were as beautiful as the fawning blogs said.

"So who are you and why are you here?"

"Oh. Right. That. Um, Iím Quentinís sister Talia. We met briefly when my adorable," she tried not to grimace, "nieceÖ"

Her voice trailed off as she watched him step back and close the gap between her, the door and him. Talia shook her head. She didnít know what her brotherís problem was, why he couldnít have set her up with this guy like sheíd asked, instead, heíd clearly warned him, like she was something he needed to be warned about! If anything, with his disheveled appearance and his past, this guy was the one who should have come with a warning from her brother.

"Sorry," he said, "I mean, itís nice of you to stop by, but uh, Iím not interested."

Talia placed her hand as forcefully as she could on the door before he could slam it in her face as if she were a pesty salesman. She wasnít a salesman, she was lonely. And tired of guys who either werenít good with her kids or good with her. As mouthy as her niece had been of late, she had managed to say a few interesting things, Tansy talked this guy up to no end, made him seem like one of the most decent humans in history.

Maybe it was ridiculous to heed some childís opinion of a guy, but Tal wanted decent. She felt overdue for it. Yeah, she hadnít had the best of luck in love, she was a little older than he was, and she had two kids and no career, but this guyís life wasnít in its prime at the moment either. It wasnít like he was so much better than her. They were both fixer-uppers in their own ways. So why couldnít he give her a shot? Why couldnít she matter to someone who wasnít obligated by blood to care?

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