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Episode 674: She's A Killer

Caroline smoothed out the towel beneath her bikini-clad body for what must have been the ninetieth time. She lay back, dropping her sunglasses back into place from their perch in her hair. Once more she opened the novel sheíd specifically saved for beach reading. The words may as well have been upside down or in Russian, try as she might she couldnít understand it.

Caroline set the book aside again and stared at the boy on the towel next to hers. He lay on his stomach, facing her, his back the perfect blend of muscley and lanky. At least half the girls who walked past appeared envious, little did they or anyone else know, that any second his beautiful glow could turn scarily, scarily pale.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"As okay as I was when you asked three minutes ago." Jesse opened his eyes and looked at her, his mouth tugging up on one side, as usual tugging her heart along with his lazy half smile. "You donít have to ask so much."

"I do."

Jesse gave her a knee-weakening grin. He propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over her, his face hovering over hers. "How about I let you know when Iím not okay, itíll save us both the aggravation."

He pressed his mouth to hers and easily parted her lips with his tongue. By the time he eased up on the kiss, Caroline felt woozy and tingly all over. She didnít even respond at first when he announced he was going in for a dip. It was several seconds before she scrambled up onto her feet and scurried after him.

Caroline wasnít a huge fan of swimming, but she dove into the too chilly water and pushed forward until she caught up with him for fear of what might happen if he was out there alone and his sickness came over him. After awhile of slipping in and around one another - his hands frequently finding her - Caroline managed to lure him in close enough to the shore where they could stand in the water. It made her mildly less afraid for him, but only mildly.

While Jesse splashed and played, and laughed, trying so hard to get her to join in the fun, Caroline couldnít even crack the tiniest hint of a smile.

Episode 675: Walk Of Shame

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