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Episode 675: Walk Of Shame

Jesse used the saltwater to force his hair up into a crazy faux-hawk. Heíd tried pretty much everything to make Caroline smile. She just wouldnít. She wouldnít laugh even a little or seem like she was having a remotely good time.

He lightly smacked his hands against the oceanís wavy surface. "This is supposed to be fun," he complained, wanting to take advantage during a time he actually felt nothing but good. "Could you please just enjoy this with me, Care? Weíre on a date."

"Right, my reward for lying to your mother."

"Itís not like that." Jesse frowned. He didnít want Caroline thinking he was only with her as a cover up, any more than heíd want her to be with him because she felt sorry for or protective of the sick boy. He really, really wanted her to let up on asking how he was, not only was it annoying to have to give a medical update every twelve seconds, it also made him question why she hung around him.

"This is an actual date," he insisted.

She didnít argue. She didnít smile either. "Itís no wonder your mom hates me and thinks Iím a tramp. Iím practically a murderer for not dragging you to a doctor."

"My mom doesnít hate you, and you canít be a murderer since this is my choice, and Iím not dying."

"You donít know that you arenít dying." Caroline closed her eyes. "I hate this."

"Do you?" Jesse leaned in and kissed Caroline.

She kissed him. She looked up at him. "I donít hate this." She touched a finger to his lips. "You know that, thatís why you use it against me."

"I donít use anything against you. Iím not using you. I kiss you because I like kissing you Caroline. I like you."

"Youíd hate me if I squealed to your parents."

After a moment, he shook his head. "I wouldnít be happy if you told them. But I wouldnít hate you. I really, really like you."

Caroline sort of smiled, finally. "I really, really like you, too. I want you to be okay."

"I am okay. Iím good." He ran his hands over her shoulders.

"I hate that youíre so stubborn about this," Caroline said. Her voice cracked a little. "I hate that Iím letting you be stubborn about this. Your mom should hate me. And thereís another thing to hate, that she hates me for the wrong reason. She thinks Iím some kind of seductress. Thatís totally not me."

"Better that, than she thinks Iím sick."

"Is it?" Caroline turned from him. "I canít even stomp out of the water like I want to. I canít just leave here when youíre sick."

"Iím fine!" It came out growlier than heíd meant it to, but Jesse hated to think of her being with him out of pity. Not that watching her go felt very good either.

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