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Episode 673: Try

"Oh, so you didnít bail completely, then. You are still at least on the grounds, just not anywhere near where youíre supposed to be," Lila observed with her fists planted firmly on her hips as she approached her son and his girlfriend lounging beneath the shade of a tree.

Lila grabbed Jesse by his shirtsleeve and hauled him up on to his feet.

The girlfriend, Caroline, scrambled up after him. "Hey," she said. "Be careful with him."

"All Iím doing is dragging him back where heís supposed to be. Someone got in the party who wasnít supposed to. It canít happen again."

"You shouldnít drag him anywhere. He-"

"Iím fine. Itís fine, Care. I was about to head back to it, anyway."

"I canít believe you left," Lila raged at her son. "Youíre normally a way better kid than this. Iím thinking Carolineís a bad influence." You wouldnít know it to look at the girl. Glasses, flat hair, conservative clothes. She should have been on most parentsí dream girlfriend lists. She had been on Lilaís up until that minute.

The girlís jaw dropped. "But, but, Iíve never been a bad influence on anyone."

"So, my son wasnít just skipping out on his responsibilities to make out with you?"

"No, we, he-"

"We needed a break. Itís hot out on the porch, never mind that Caroline and I did have plans to have fun today until you begged me to take this job. Maybe I screwed up, but I deserve a break. I deserve a couple minutes of fun. I have always been a good kid."

Lila grudgingly nodded. She was being too hard on him. It was just that she was so afraid that at some point one of her screw-ups, like hiring her teenage kid, would push Katherine over the edge enough to not only fire her from the best paying job sheíd ever had, but expose their mutual blackmail. Lila leaned in and patted her oldest boyís cheek. "Just try with everything you have to stay a good kid, okay?" She didnít want Jesse to end up in her shoes, constantly waiting for each mistake to come back and bite you.

Episode 674: She's A Killer

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