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Episode 672: This Way

"Nothing happened," Adria, insisted to her husband, the moment she and Ryley, her father, and her former director were behind the closed door of her fatherís home office. "He hired me for the wrong reason and I decided not to take the job. That should have been the end of the story.

"Now," she poked Ryleyís chest for emphasis, "Thanks to you and my dad throwing your weight around, there will be whispers, there will be questions about my professionalism whether I deserve them or not. This is your fault."

"Our fault?" Ryley and her dad asked in unison.

Ryley took over on his own. "You realize I have supported you through a ton of stuff. I fought for us when you didnít want me to, and I fought for you. I will always fight for you. I think thatís a good thing."

"I do, too. I know you meant well, itís just that-"

"Itís just that he made you feel bad about yourself, Addie. Heís the one who harassed you; we tired to get you justice."

"I didnít harass you, Adria," Dustin claimed. "I didnít lay a finger on you, did I?"

"Only because she had the courage to turn down that part first," her dad said.

"Itís past time you left," Ryley concluded. "Adria shouldnít have to listen to another word of you blaming her, and making her out to be the bad guy."

"Iím trying to help her see that there is no bad guy. If youíd just see that Adria, if youíd just let it go, we could both be happy. We could both be doing what we want."

Episode 673: Try

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