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Episode 671: Survive You

"Donít stand there and pretend youíre the innocent, wronged party," Phillip Marques complained.

"You sexually harassed our daughter," the manís wife accused.

Dustin shook his head. When heíd seen the mention of the Marques Garden Party in the society page of an online newspaper, heíd still been so furious over receiving the ax from the theater company that he hadnít managed to think it all through. Heíd just wanted to put Phillip Marques and his son-in-law on the spot, publicly humiliate her family. He figured rich types hated any whiff of scandal, even if they perceived themselves to be in the right.

It hadnít occurred to Dustin that he would be put on the spot; too, heíd suffer more than any of them.

A redhead cleared her throat. "Maybe you should take this conversation inside before people start noticing."

"Congratulations, Lila," Katherine Marques, Adriaís mother, sneered. "Thatís the first help youíve been all day. Donít think it gets you off the hook for letting him in here though."

"I didnít let him in."

"No, your son did, thatís even worse."

"If you want to talk bad behavior, Mrs. Mar-"

"Phillip," Katherine turned away from the redhead. "Iím going to take Lila, and circulate, make sure the party hasnít been disturbed by all of this, it is for charity, after all. You will update me on this," she flicked a hand Dustinís way, "wonít you?"

"You mean tell you where Iíve buried the body," Adriaís father replied.

That didnít sound good. Crashing their party had so not been a good idea. None of this had been a good idea, starting with his decision to override everyone elseís opinion and hire Adria Marques as his leading lady. It had cost him his job, his reputation, and hell; Phillip Marques seemed serious about that whole burying the body thing.

Episode 672: This Way

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