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Episode 665: Not Like The Movies

Much to Ryleyís surprise, when he looked up from his computer, he saw his wife walk into his office. Nearly every day someoneís spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend stopped by the office to go out to lunch, commute together, or just visit.

Adria so rarely visited him there that a couple people on his floor joked that the beautiful woman in the photo on his desk was probably the one who came in the frame.

She always hesitated to intrude on his workday, probably because sheíd had two ambitious parents who more often than not had put their jobs ahead of spending time with their kid, intruding on workdays was considered borderline criminal.

"Iím not interrupting anything, am I?" Adria asked after she closed the door and walked deeper into the room, a white takeout bag clutched in front of her.

"No way." Ryley stepped around his desk and laid a kiss on her. "Itís always the best part of my day whenever Iím with you. So, howís your day going?"

"Itís always the best part of my day when Iím with you, too."

Ryley didnít doubt Adriaís sincerity, though he noted that she hadnít really answered his question.

"I brought sandwiches from the deli." She held up the white bag. "Are you hungry?"

"Sounds good." He brought his chair around to that side of his desk so they sat together. They unwrapped their sandwiches and ate. Adria was unnaturally quiet. It was rarely a good sign when she was unnaturally quiet.

"You know," he said, "a lot of people think nerves are a good thing; it means youíre challenging yourself. Itíll feel rewarding in the end."

Adria covered up the remainder of her sandwich with the plastic wrap, only to uncover it and cover it again. "It wonít be rewarding," she said. "Iím not doing the play." She looked to him with mournful eyes. "I quit today."

Ryley reached over, taking her trembling hand. "Addie, you havenít even started yet. Once you start, youíll find your groove and youíll laugh over how worried you were, youíll see."

"I am never going to laugh over this, and I am definitely not doing this play when I was hired for the wrong reasons."

"You know, there are plenty of athletes whoíve had bad games," Ryley said. "But theyíre drafted anyway, because their talent shone through just like yours did at the audition you think you fumbled."

Adria gave that a short, sharp nod. "Any of them drafted because their talent in the bedroom shone through?"

Ryleyís blood ran cold. "What?"

Episode 666: Hunting For You

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