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Episode 666: Hunting For You

Ryley wanted to kill the guy. He pulled Adria up out of the chair and into his arms, squeezing her tight. He never wanted to let her go, especially not on another audition. All this time he’d encouraged her to pursue an acting career, how had he not thought about the casting couch? His wife was blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, a prime target.

Ryley pressed a kiss to the top of Addie’s head. He drew just far enough away to look her in the eyes and ask, "Did he hurt you? Did he touch you?"

Adria shook her head. "No, no, I’m okay."

"But he did proposition you, so it’s not okay." Even if he did get his hands around the guy’s neck, it wouldn’t be okay.

"He didn’t proposition me exactly."

"What exactly did he do?" Ryley gritted his teeth. He wasn’t sure he could stomach details, but women usually felt better when they talked about stuff.

"He told me he gave me the part because I’m talented, because he saw me in one of my college plays. But he looked at me like… he wanted to be with me."

A look was easier to take than the guy forcing himself on her, but it still wasn’t excusable. "The director is basically your boss, right? And he knows you’re married, too?"

Adria nodded.

"You shouldn’t have quit."


"We’re going to the producers and getting him fired."

"No, we’re not. He didn’t cross any line. He didn’t actually do anything. It was just a vibe I got. You’re my husband, so you trust my vibes. But I’m nothing to them, and he’s everything. He’s a big deal. If he tells them I had a crush, that he turned me down, and now I’m saying things out of spite, they’ll believe it."

"It shouldn’t be that way." Ryley knew it would go that way though; his wife would end up with a black mark next to her name, while this guy would go on using the casting process as his own personal dating service. There was nothing Adria could do about it. But there was one person Ryley knew could help him make it right.

Episode 667: Teenaged Dream

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