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Episode 664: Perfectly Clear

Adria picked up her chin and knocked at the open doorway. It wasnít going to be fun to watch Dustin Tomlinson realize heíd mixed up the headshots, or whatever had led to her mistakenly receiving the female lead in the play. In fact, it would be downright gutting to hear the mistake confirmed, but it had to be better than showing up for the read-through only to be turned away.

Wanting to get the bad news over with, Adria knocked harder at the doorway. She peered into the office. It wasnít your standard formal layout, but a comfortable, spacious artistís domain with a mattress thrown on the floor, books piled in the corner, and big pillows tossed here and there.

Dustin moved from one place to the next in the open space in front of the windows. He had a script in hand. He muttered words she couldnít entirely hear, but Adria caught enough to understand that he was working on a scene from the play, toying with the dialogue and the blocking.

Ordinarily, Adria would have been thrilled to stand there and watch him in action, maybe pick up some tips to hone her own craft, but it broke her heart to know she wouldnít get the chance to work on the play in collaboration with a guy most everyone in the theatrical world considered a budding genius.

"Um." She cleared her throat, and the noise finally pulled Dustin out of the artistic trance that her knock hadnít managed.

The director stilled, though he didnít turn and face her.

She cleared her throat again. "Iím sorry. I donít mean to interrupt, but I need to speak with you about the play."

"Iím not discussing the play any further with anyone for the next three days. That is when we start. Until then, this is my time alone with the material. I need this time, itís crucial for the production. Iím sorry, but whatever you want to discuss will have to wait."

Apparently, realizing it would be rude not to at least look at the person he refused to see, Dustin turned to her. "Oh, itís you."

"Yeah," Adria sighed. "Itís me. Iím that memorably bad, huh?" She nodded. "I knew the call was a mix-up. I couldnít possibly have won that part."

Brow furrowed, Dustin strode towards her. "What mix-up? You are my Miranda."

"Really?" As excited as Adria was, her brow furrowed, too, maybe he wasnít as genius as advertised. "Why me?"

Dustin took her hands. He gave her several professional reasons - including a performance he had caught during her college career - but there was something in his eyes, and the way he held her hands that suggested the young prodigyís interest in her wasnít professional at all.

Episode 665: Not Like The Movies

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