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Episode 658: A New Day

She placed her hand in his. Xavier smiled at her.

"Do you like ice cream?" She asked. "My dad gave me money for us to have ice cream. He said you were supposed to let us treat you, cuz you helped us out of a jam."

"Ice cream sounds good, but for the record, I was glad to help," he ruffled her pretty blonde hair, "you’re a pretty good chore to be saddled with, kid." And he was pretty amazed and honored that her parents would ask him to look after her for a few hours. He was likely their last resort, but still, it meant they had faith in him. He hadn’t felt that since Avalon.

"We can go to my very favorite ice cream shop." Tansy beamed up at him. "The lady there is really pretty and nice. You should ask her out."

Despite her reluctance, Lucy had to admit she was enjoying herself. It was a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny enough for a dress and a light cardigan. She’d always loved fairs, too, the food, the hay bales, the games and the rides. The smiles everywhere you looked.

Paul had such a bright smile on his face. Lucy almost complimented him on it; she almost told him she was glad they were sort of dating again when she realized why he was smiling. Lucy yanked him around a corner where they could see, but not be seen.

"She is insanely cute," Paul said.

"She’s adorable," Lucy agreed, watching the little frizzy-haired girl stare in amazement at a juggler while sucking on an orange slice far bigger than her mouth. She was a beautiful, happy child. Being with Paul had heart-wrenching moments, but some good had come of their relationship, too.

After listening to their youngest child on speaker, Phillip hung up the phone. "Well," he sighed, "at least she wasn’t rejected again. I suppose I’m glad for that."

Phillip’s wife, Katherine, nodded her agreement. "I would be more comfortable if the agent you chose was looking out for her."

"Me, too. But we’ll just have to live with it." Or at least he intended to try to live with it. He wasn’t very good at just living with things. But Phillip was trying not to interfere in Adria’s life. He couldn’t stand the idea of his baby looking at him with the same fear Sebastian had.

Episode 659: Crash

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