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Episode 659: Crash

Adria breathed deep as she sat on the cold cement floor, her script firmly in hand. The hallway was crowded with actresses, the air buzzing with a wide variety of line readings. Adria leaned her head back against the wall and shut her eyes.

No fear. She mouthed the mantra repeatedly. She used to be fearless in her auditions, back before her dad’s machinations had made her question herself, and both her parents’ disapproval had led her to believe acting wasn’t a worthy profession.

If she intended to kick-start her career again, she had to approach it the way she used to, without fear. So she’d told her parents she had this job, when she didn’t yet. She’d piled on the pressure in hopes it would be the incentive she needed to let loose and give it everything she’s got. When she finally landed a part, it would alleviate everyone’s concerns, most importantly her own concerns.

"Number four-one-two," an assistant called out.

"That’s me." No fear, Adria reminded herself as she followed the woman into a small room with grey walls. The room was empty save for a table where the director, casting director, and two producers waited, talking amongst themselves.

They didn’t even seem to notice that she’d entered the room.

Adria did the only thing she could think of to garner their attention. She delivered her lines. It still took forever for them to stop talking and watch her. In the meantime, her no fear attitude crumpled, leaving one of Adria’s most jittery performances ever in its wake.

The director came around the table, evidently the kind who liked his rejections personable, rather than plain old dismissive. In Adria’s experience neither was ever a fun time.

The director’s name was Dustin Tomlinson. She’d seen his picture a half dozen times in recent theater publications, hailed as the next big thing. She’d royally screwed up in front of the next big thing. Dustin Tomlinson hadn’t seemed intimidating in the photographs, and in person he wore the same casual college jock look, jeans, a backwards ball cap, and brown hair due for a cut, but he was so much more than that, he could have been huge for her career, put her on the map.

Adria’s hand was a sweaty mess as accepted his handshake. She had no idea why he held onto that sweaty mess for as long as he did.

Episode 660: No Fear

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