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Episode 656: Give Your Heart A Break

Avalon smiled when Calvin walked into the bookstore. Cal smiled in return, though he wasnít ready to settle there, his goal remained a hug every time he greeted his daughter, which meant supporting her in things he didnít necessarily support.

"How are the wedding plans coming along?" He nodded to the hefty white binder she closed atop the sales desk to give him her full attention. He assumed the book was jammed with tear-outs from magazines and the sorts of ideas girls collected from a young age for their dream day. Sarette had one. Sheíd shown him a long time ago.

Ava frowned. "The wedding plans arenít coming along at all."

"Youíre not marrying Sebastian?" Cal let his concern for Ava appear like actual concern for the relationship, when in truth; he would be more than happy to see the end of it.

"Iím marrying him. I just havenít figured out any details yet, not how or when or where."

Calvin tried not to let his disappointment show. However, things played out with Sebastian, sad, or hopefully happy, he just wanted to be there to see her through it.

"Maybe you should call your-" He stopped himself. "Sarette. She must know all sorts of people who can help with the arrangements." He continued to hope Ava would reach out to Sarette, then maybe in turn Sarette would reach out to their daughter and he would no longer need to be concerned with Ava being hurt by any of it.

"Sheís not my mom."

"You think of me as your dad, donít you?"

"Itís different with us," she said, "you didnít- Itís just different."

"Maybe it doesnít have to be." She shot him a look. "Thereís the line and Iíve crossed it, huh? Any chance I can come back from this or would you like some space now?"

She thought it over and shook her head. "I have too much space around here. Bas and I are trying, but none of our ideas have helped much."

"I could get my team on it."

"Thank you, but Iíve already turned down help from Sebastianís father. We want to succeed on our own."

"Well, Iím sure that will happen. Especially with Sebastian on board. He must have killer business acumen inside him to have won the loan for this place after the bank refused. That was a miraculous turnaround. He must have the magic touch."

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