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Episode 655: Secret

"Um, yeah sure." Caroline pressed her soda into Jesseís hand. She was glad he hadnít snapped at her again, and even more glad to feel as though she was being of some help to him. He so didnít look good.

After a few sips, Jesse dragged himself up into a slouched, seated position. "Thanks," he said, handing the soda back to her.

Their fingers brushed, but Caroline couldnít enjoy it. "Are you okay? You look kind of pale?"

"So itís noticeable?" Jesse grimaced, though it wasnít that different from the pained expression he already wore.

"Maybe if you eat something."

He nodded. "Iíll hit the concession stand." But he didnít move. He didnít seem capable of it, even though he did look better than when sheíd first saw him, which just proved how bad off heíd been to begin with.

Caroline took a deep breath and sat beside Jesse on the padded bench. She passed him her tub of popcorn.

"Thanks," he said, slowly lifting a couple pieces to his mouth. He chewed and swallowed. "You donít have to stay. I donít want you to miss the start of your movie. Iím okay."

"Are you?" She was borderline teary as she looked at him. Sheíd crushed on him for a long time. It wasnít exactly fun to see him so run down or whatever.

"Iím good. Could you not tell anybody about this? I mean thereís probably nothing wrong with me, itís you know, just a virus or something, a passing thing. So donít tell anybody, okay? I donít want this getting back to my parents."

"But they should-"

"Theyíre happy, finally. Itís hardly ever like that. I donít want to mess it up for no reason. I donít want them blaming each other cause Iím sick, when Iím probably okay. So donít tell anybody, please. Can this just be our secret?"

"Okay." Caroline wasnít sure it was right, but she really liked Jesse and she wanted him to like her, too. She would tell someone if he didnít seem better really soon.

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