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Episode 635: Nobody Knows Me

Phillip cleared his throat. He hadnít expected to face a family reunion, let alone to have all of them; his daughters, their husbands, and even his little granddaughter stare at him as if they were a firing squad.

He didnít see where heíd done anything wrong. He wanted the best for his kids. Surely, the older Tansy grew, the more Justine would understand that and not loathe him so. He missed her, not only in the office where she would have worked so well alongside him; he missed the day to day of knowing his eldest child and loving her.

No. He still loved her, regardless of the misguided choices sheíd made in her life. "Itís nice to see you, Justine."

She gave him nothing. He crouched to her daughterís height. "You sure make a cute superhero, Tansy."

"Iím not cute today, Iím fierce."

"I wouldnít expect anything less of your motherís daughter."

"I like my mom."

"I like her, too."

The little girl made a face at that, turned abruptly from him and held on to her mom. With a sigh, Phillip rose once more to his full height, all eyes still on him, as if his presence in his daughterís home was unfathomable and suspect.

"So," he asked, "do you get together like this all the time?"

"Just because you decreed that I should be disowned," Justine said, "it doesnít mean everyone feels the same way." She grabbed her sisterís hand. "And just because you donít approve of Addieís talent, it doesnít mean the rest of us wonít sit in the audience and cheer her on."

"Thatís why Iím here." Phillip reached into the breast pocket of his coat and handed a business card to Adria. She stared at it, as did her husband.

"Is this talent agent preprogrammed to tell her how awful she is, and shatter her confidence?" Ryley asked.

"Sheíll look out for your wife and ensure the rough waters of the acting business donít touch her."

"Right," Justine snarled. "Youíre supporting Addie in what she wants."

"I am."

Every jaw dropped except for Phillipís.

Episode 636: Astounded

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