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Episode 634: Here For The Party

"We have to stop eating her candy," Justine whispered with a giggle, and licked a tiny bit of melted chocolate from her fingertip.

Quent strolled beside her. "One more each, sheíll never know as long as we add a couple more stops."

"Weíre terrible," Justine said. They laughed though and dug their hands into Tansyís treat bag. Their daughter chose that moment to turn around in her Supergirl costume. They stopped laughing and pulled their hands from the bag. Fortunately, Tansy was too excited to notice what theyíd been up to.

"Isnít this Aunty Adria and Uncle Ryleyís building? Can we go show her my costume?"

Justine and Quent exchanged a look. Justine wanted to say yes. Sheíd already refused when Tansy asked to stop at her Uncle Sebastianís place, against whom Justine still held a grudge for his lack of solidarity.

"Isnít Adria-"

"Iím not sure," Justine said, knowing where Quentís question was headed. With Justineís busy job, something had to give, and since it couldnít be her husband and child, it was her little sister. "I havenít talked to her for awhile. Tans, I donít know if Aunty Adria is living with Uncle Ryley right now. Iím sorry, sweetie, but if sheís at grandpa and grandmaís-"

Tansy nodded. "We canít go there. But maybe sheís here."

Adria was in fact there, and after she and Ryley gushingly complimented Tansy on being the fiercest hero ever, Justine took her little sister aside and gave her a massive hug. "Iím so proud of you for coming back to Ryley and not letting our parents run your life."

"I went to Dadís office," Addie, said. She looked like she might cry. "I did the adult thing. I told him Iím not a businesswoman like you, Just. Iím an actress. I told him to get his money back on this termís tuition. He said okay, thank you, Iíll take care of it."

"You were hoping for his support." Justine knew that useless hope. "I guess itís a plus that he didnít stand there and yell at you, telling you your life is worthless."

"Thatís what he told you?"


A tear dripped down Addieís cheek then. Justine wiped it away and hugged her sister again. The doorbell rang and when Ryley pulled it open the siblings turned to check out the trick-or-treatersí costumes. Their jaws dropped.

"Is this a joke?" Justine asked. "Has someone dressed up as Dad for Halloween?"

Episode 635: Nobody Knows Me

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