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Episode 633: Do You Love Me?

It was a business call, still Phillip couldnít be too angry with his youngest daughter for grabbing the phone from him and slamming it down. It wasnít business he ordinarily would have entertained. He didnít consider Bill Shaw a sound investment. Heíd stayed on with the idiot because heíd rather endure a tedious phone call than deal with yet another of his rattled offspring.

Phillip didnít know how heíd ended up with overly sensitive children. He was made of strong stuff; they should be, too. Adria was the worst one to witness in that condition. Even if she was a grown woman, she would always be his baby. His strong stuff never felt quite as strong when it came to her.

"Whatís wrong?" Phillip asked with a sigh.

His youngest daughterís hand remained fixed on the telephone. Her entire arm trembled. She seemed more shocked by her actions than he was.

Phillip patted her hand. "Itís fine. You did me a favor hanging up on that blowhard. Now tell me whatís wrong."

Adria took a breath. "I love you, Daddy."

"Thereís nothing wrong with that." He smiled and squeezed her fingers. Phillip stood and pulled Adria into his arms. "I love you, too, sweetheart." What a relief. For once one of his kids felt guilty, rather than heap a guilt trip on him. It pleased him to assure his girl that the guilt wasnít necessary now that she was in the midst of turning her life around. "I love you. Iím your father. Any hardships youíve put me through-"

"Youíre the one putting me through hardship."


"I want you to be proud of me, but I wasnít built for business. Itís not me. Iím an actress."

Episode 634: Here For The Party

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