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Episode Sixty-Three: Walk Away While You Can

"I think I was out on a date last night- I donít know, it was probably nothing," Ava was desperate to confide in someone and she knew that Bowie would be every bit as judgmental as she wanted him to be. She just wasnít sure if she wanted him to be.

"Anyone I know?" Bowie knew exactly who and was about to call her on it when Ava placed the last of the shiny new apples on top of the pile causing a near avalanche. Bowie spread his arms wide and managed to stop all but three from crashing to the floor.

"Agh, Iím sorry," Avalon replied diligently restacking as fast as she could. "Fern said to say hi, that was a couple of days ago, I forgot," she winced, "Sorry about that too,"

"Hurry please, I think my arms are numb but I wouldnít know since I canít feel anything anymore," he answered, his face turning an awful shade of crimson.

"Sorry, there- almost- done!" She exclaimed then knelt to pick up the bruised ones to trash. "So, youíre in no rush to say anything to Fern, does this mean the Lila saga is on again?"

The side of Bowieís mouth twitched defensively as he kicked the empty box across the aisle. "I donít know; it takes two I guess. What about you? Are you going to tell me that you went to a church social with the boy next door, did you eat lemon drops Avalon?"

She looked down at her shoes. "Would you believe me if I told you that? I kissed him. I kissed him and I know I should be scrubbing my mouth with Palmolive but all I can think about is the next time Iíll kiss him, I must be feverish or something."

Bowie covered his chin for a moment, second-guessing whether what he was about to say was coming for the right reasons. "This isnít going to make you feel any better, I probably should have told you a long time ago - Lila and Sebastian were sleeping together, maybe they still are."

Episode Sixty-Four: Nowhere To Go

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