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Episode Sixty-Four: Nowhere To Go

"I know Europe was supposed to get everything out of my system and I do see that I wasted freshman year, but I promise Iím dedicated this year, learning is such a-"

"Uh huh," Phillip said, shuffling through some papers in his briefcase. "Mia mentioned that you left with your motherís assistant last night, if sheís become some sort of distraction-"

"No, of course not, I was just driving her home, Iíll have to thank Mia for that watchful eye of...I better answer that." Bas sprinted for his door eager to free himself of his fatherís interrogation visit; finding Lila and Jesse on his doorstep yet again was no great consolation prize either. "Iíll be right back, father,"

Bas pressed at the small of her back and guided them onto the asphalt hopefully out of earshot. "What makes you think I want to see you again- ever?"

"Iím sorry about that I really am, but weíve been tossed, a total misunderstanding," Lila began casually. She had thought he would be the best choice, he wasnít as prone to sermons as everyone else she knew. But her voice turned to pleading when she saw that Sebastian was ignoring her. "Donít you care that Iím homeless? God if Ava stubbed her toe you and Bo would fight over who got to call 911, whatís so wrong with me?

Sebastian pretended to troll his mind for answers. "Oh yeah, youíre a thief,"

"I said I was sorry about that- stop it Jess," she said as the boy yanked on her star necklace. "I am sorry, could you at least look out for him awhile, I need-"

Bas grimaced. "Stay here, all right, stay here, but this isnít forever and youíre both on the sofa this time." Lila ecstatically started for the door and he grabbed her. "Wait! You canít go in yet, wait for my father to leave, Iím not being cut off because of you."

Episode Sixty-Five: Change Of Heart

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