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Episode 623: My Life

It was as if she had no knees anymore. Lilaís body began to droop and she couldnít seem to do anything about it. Katherine Marques chose that moment to show Lila a hint of kindness and helped her to the sofa.

Katherine sat beside Lila. "Breathe," she said in a much gentler way than sheíd dropped the bombshell on Lilaís life.

"Breathe," Lila echoed. Breathing had never been harder to do. It was several minutes before she felt remotely normal again, and even then, there was the awful pall hanging over her that life may never feel normal again.

"You need to relax," Katherine said, not looking particularly relaxed herself. "Put it out of your mind. I was just irritated. I know how deeply Bas is in love with Ava, I didnít want him to be typical and let his libido mess it all up and so I lashed out at you."

"Iím supposed to believe that was a nasty lie you cooked up off the top of your head to rattle me?" Lila considered herself a champion liar and rattler, and even she couldnít fathom coming up with something like that.

Katherine was quiet a long time. "He might be your husbandís son. Do they look alike?"

"I thought so."

"There you go. No harm done."

"How can you say that?" Lila was the one to lash out now. "What if heís not the father? Maybe Iíve just seen what I want to see in my son. What if Bowie canít get past it? What if my son canít? What if Curran finds out and wants a boy to add to his family? How could you do this?"

Katherine fell silent again. She stared at her hands. "I donít know. It was wrong. Why would I do something so wrong? At the time, I thought it was right. I thought I was doing it for you and your son. I know Curran. Heís selfish. He wouldnít be a good father. I thought I was doing you and your family a favor. But sometimes I wonder if that was really why I did it, maybe I was jealous."

Episode 624: No One Needs To Know

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