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Episode 624: No One Needs To Know

Katherine closed her eyes for a moment. Get it together, she commanded herself. She couldnít believe the things that had come out of her mouth, and to this untrustworthy person of all people.

"You couldnít be jealous of Bowie and I," Lila said, puzzling things out aloud.

Katherine would just as soon she didnít puzzle things out at all, lest Lila accidentally stumble upon the right conclusion. "Jealous was the wrong word."

Lila, devious as Katherine suspected her of being, of course recognized a weak lie when she heard one. "Were you jealous that I might have a baby with Curran? Is that it? Is that why you thought it was okay to play games with my familyís life?"

If looks could kill, Katherine was certain she would have dropped dead from Lilaís glare.

"Did you put my whole world in jeopardy because you wanted to be the one to give Curran a baby?"

"No, of course not." Katherine thought she managed a convincing scoff. It helped that at no point had she wanted another child. But yes, maybe at that time it wasnít just that she thought Curran too selfish to be a good dad, maybe she also hadnít been in love with the notion of anyone else having that strong of a claim on Curran. "I have been married to my husband for a very long time."

"Whatís with the jealousy then?"

Katherine thought as fast as she could. "Michael Gable is the same age as my daughter Justine. I think I was a little jealous of Michaelís mother, that her daughter would have it all, the career, and a successful husband, while my girl, well, there have been disappointments there to say the least. A child was the thing that Michael couldnít have. So maybe that came into play, I donít know, it doesnít matter." She desperately wanted to dismiss it. "What matters is that I did you a favor."

Katherine believed if she could convince Lila of that, perhaps her career and everything else wouldnít be in danger. "Michael has adopted a child. Sheís proven she could love a child who wasnít her blood. If Curran had been declared Nathanielís father, they would have taken your baby. They have the money and power to do so. My actions prevented that. Be grateful and keep your mouth shut. As long as this stays between you and me, no one will ever know. No one needs to know, you got that, Lila?"

Episode 625: You Can Have It All

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