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Episode 617: Perfect

"Of course Iím not blackmailing my son," Phillip Marques told Sebastianís girlfriend.

Adria had stopped - well more like she swayed in one spot - when she literally stumbled upon the scene as sheíd tried to locate the food table. It surprised her very much that lightening didnít strike her father. There was no way he wasnít blackmailing Bassie. Phillip Marques blackmailed everyone as surely as other humans breathed.

"Sebastianís just talking nonsense. The boy has clearly had too much to drink," Phillip insisted, "havenít you, son?"

When Adriaís brother nodded his agreement, fireworks averted, Adria decided to move on, not intending to move straight into her motherís clutches, but there Katherine Marques stood.

"Adria, Iíd like you to meet Shane Austen."

A perfectly coiffed dark-haired preppy born to wear a suit.

"No, thanks." Adria simply turned and walked away from her mother.

Katherine Marques, however, caught up with her youngest because lawns, heels, and alcohol were not a good mix for her daughter.

"Adria, I saw your test results. I know you failed that class. He failed you." Her mom sounded particularly incredulous over that one, as if Ryley was just supposed to give her a free pass or something and not have the integrity Adria had loved from their first morning after. "I thought perhaps you could use a fresh start with someone else. I thought it would do you some good to feel as if you were succeeding in some area."

"I am succeeding at totally screwing up everything," Adria snapped. "I donít know what Iím doing, my heartís pulling me one way and my headís pulling me the other, so here I am, just stuck, just torn thinking if by some miracle I can ever pull it together enough to please you and daddy, well, naturally, that makes me good enough for Ryley. But Ryley doesnít want me to be anything but me, which is way less than what you and daddy will accept. So I donít know what to do other than just drink so much at this party that I canít even think about it anymore."

Episode 618: Who Knew

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