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Episode 618: Who Knew

Quentin propped his elbows on his desk and scrubbed his face repeatedly. Heíd finally reached the end of a long day and it still wasnít over.

He still had some things to figure out. One of them knocked at his office door. He nodded to the homeless guy heíd hired at his daughterís request. How would he ever make her understand that he had no choice but to let him go? Tans was all about heart, not government bureaucracy. As it should be.

"Iíll pay you the cash for the days youíve worked, just give me a minute and Iíll grab it for you."

"Actually, Iím not here about that." The guy lowered his hood as if to make himself comfortable, though he looked quite the opposite, almost panicked. "Iíd like to stay on here, I think."

"Oh, hey, great." A grin blasted across Quentís face. There was no better feeling than knowing he wouldnít disappoint his little girl.

"Iíd like to discuss it a bit if you have the time now or if you need to get home to your family, thatís cool, it can wait until tomorrow."

From the looks of the guy, Quentin wasnít sure there would be a tomorrow. It seemed like he might bolt if he didnít do this now. It was fine by him anyway. "Iím in no hurry. This is my wifeís annual day to be upset over receiving no invite to her familyís garden party. Iím happy for any delay since I still havenít thought of what to do to cheer her up."

Quent shook his head. "I get that the estrangement from her family is upsetting, but I will never understand the appeal of that party. The last way I want to spend a warm afternoon and night is stuck eating finger foods wearing an uncomfortable suit with a bunch of people who only talk business."

"I know." At first Quent thought the guy just identified with being dragged somewhere he didnít want to go by a significant other, but no, looking at him, there was more to it than that.

Episode 619: What's My Name

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