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Episode 613: My Last Name

He finished breaking down the boxes the auto parts had been shipped in. He gathered the flattened boxes in his arms and carried them out to the back of the garage, dumping them into the big blue recycling bin.

With that task completed, he took a moment to lower his hood and close his eyes. He turned his face to the bright warm sun. A hand grasped his shoulder and he turned with a start.

"Sorry, I didnít mean to make you jump," his boss, Quentin said.

He waved off the concern. "I should have been getting back in to work. Iím the one who should apologize."

"Itís a beautiful day. I donít blame you for taking a minute or two to savor it. My little girl nearly talked me into us playing hooky today." Quentin chuckled. "My wife would never trust me to do the school run again. Sheís a lot less lenient about Tansyís academics than I am. Tans has me convinced sheís a genius already."

"She is a great kid. I hope you passed along my thanks to her for this job."

"I did. So how do you like it here?"

"So far, so good." It was only his first day, but it was working out pretty well. He worked out back by himself, hardly interacted with anyone and those he did interact with respected his space, they didnít ask questions or stare too hard, probably on the bossís orders. "Thanks again."

Quentin nodded. "Iím glad itís working out. So everything went okay, you know getting through that anniversary you had yesterday."

"Yeah, keeping busy really helped." Not that anything really kept him from thinking about her.

"Good. I just wanted to check in with you, make sure things are going well for you. Youíre doing a great job." The boss clearly had more to say, he hesitated, which probably meant it wasnít good. "So, I get that youíre very much wanting to keep to yourself, but Iím gonna need some personal information from you, starting with your name for the payroll."

He swallowed hard. "I canít give you my name."

Quentin grimaced. "Then you canít work here."

Episode 614: Better Together

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