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Episode 614: Better Together

Jesse took a sip of the water by his bed while he awaited his turn. His mom sat cross-legged beside him on the mattress. She looked as happy as heíd seen her in a long time. Her eyes were bright and dancing as his dad counted out the rent he owed her for landing on her property in the board game.

"Iíll get this back and then some," his dad teased from the chair heíd pulled up to the other side of the bed.

As Jesseís mom accepted the brightly colored cash, she teased him right back. "Iím going to bankrupt you."

"Iíve suspected as much from the day we met."

Jesse tensed at his dadís remark, thinking it might ruin everything but his mom just laughed and so did his dad.

Jesse rolled the dice and landed on his little brotherís property, the first to do so. Nate whooped with delight. Jesse wasnít the kind of kid who cared so much about winning or losing a game, half the time he dogged it to make his little brother feel good.

Nate was a big reason why his parentsí fights worried him so much. He figured he was old enough to handle whatever happened, but he hated to think of his kid brother torn in two.

"We should stay home and play games all day, everyday," Nate enthused. He wore a giant grin as he clutched the money Jesse handed him.

"I second that," Jesse said, figuring it was worth a try. He was probably a little old for so much family stuff. He would definitely give the guys at school a different story, but in truth, like his brother, he wouldnít mind if every day was like this one.

"I hate to be the killjoy here," his dad said, "but school and jobs are important. As much as Iíd like to, we canít spend every day this way."

Jesse and Nate stuck out their tongues at him.

Their dad laughed and said, "Would it help to remind you that summerís coming? We have plenty of family fun ahead."

"Absolutely," Jesseís mom agreed and he joined them all in smiling. It really had been the best day, even if he still felt every bit as weak and achy as he had that morning.

Episode 615: Easy

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