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Episode 612: Sweet Escape

Bowie breezed into the kitchen, his hair still damp from his morning shower. A piece of tissue stuck to his chin from where heíd cut himself shaving. He made a mental note to remind Lila to stop borrowing his razor. The last thing he wanted was to start a fight, but if they couldnít weather an argument on a small scale then they were in the kind of big trouble that needed to be addressed anyway.

Bowie sighed, tired of addressing their trouble. Nevertheless, he was willing to do the work, his family meant too much to him not to.

"Hey, little man." Bowie ruffled his youngest sonís hair. "Howís it going?"

Seated at the kitchen table, Nate mumbled an unintelligible reply around a spoonful of cereal. He was staring at the cereal box, prone to daydreaming like his mom. He brought his spoon down to the bowl again. The addition to the far too full bowl caused the milk to spill over the sides.

Bowie grabbed a washcloth from the sink and mopped up the mess. "Buddy, next time donít fill your bowl so much."

The kid gave another mumble to that. Bowie just shook his head and smiled. Mornings in their home were never neat and tidy or relaxed, heíd be lucky if he managed one bite of the green apple he plucked from the fruit bowl, before the next chaos called.

He grinned at Lila when she walked into the room. "You look nice. This time will be the charm." Bowie had steady work now, but Lila had decided to try for something part time. He thought it would be a good thing, maybe help her feel a little more secure if they were both bringing in a salary.

"Thereís been a change of plans," she said, "can I talk to you in private?"

He followed Lila into the other room. She explained that their oldest boy wasnít up for school, she wasnít entirely sure he was as ill as he claimed. Bowie nodded, thinking the same. It wasnít like Jess to play sick, but their marital problems hadnít left their boy in the best place. Lila suggested for that reason they indulge him, maybe make a day of their whole family playing hooky, just reinforce that they were very much a family. That sounded good to Bowie, Lila wasnít the only who could stand to feel more secure.

Episode 613: My Last Name

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