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Episode 611: Shine

The applause continued long after Adria returned to her seat in the classroom. It had been quite awhile since she’d felt that good about anything she’d done, but she was aware it wasn’t the kind of thing she should feel good about. Her father must have said it a thousand times, acting was just glorified make-believe, it wasn’t a profession, it wasn’t a job for a grown up.

The problem was, Adria didn’t particularly have an aptitude for grown up jobs, as she was certain her test score would prove any time now. She’d just narrowly passed her other classes, with the professors politely suggesting she pursue another line of work.

Ryley never shied away from telling her that.

As the applause at last faded, Ryley finally dismissed the class by calling their name and sending them on their way with their test score.

Nearly every student seated around Adria, as well as several seated on the other side of the classroom made a point of visiting Adria before moving on to collect their papers.

They gushed over how real and emotional her performance had seemed. They told her she didn’t need a business degree, she so didn’t need something to fall back on. They asked if there was a place where she performed on a regular basis. They told her they’d pay to see more anytime.

Adria did her best not to let her ego over-inflate, still, when at last it was just her and Ryley and he handed her a failing grade, it felt like a long hard fall from the admiration she’d received moments earlier.

"You worked really hard," Ryley commended her and she nodded. "Some things just aren’t meant to be."

Adria stared at him for a good long while. "Will you be teaching the summer session?" As tough as it was to fail in front of him, she loved any excuse to be near her husband.

"Nope," Ryley said. "It’s kind of exhausting to juggle with my day job. Plus, I have other plans for my nights - watching you on every stage that’s smart enough to have you."

Episode 612: Sweet Escape

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