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Episode 610: Things

Justine stood to one side of the bathroom mirror smoothing night cream into her skin. Her husband Quentin brushed his teeth. Many times their eyes met in the mirror. It wasnít hostile or anything like Justine might have expected after sharing her big career news at dinner. The air between them was surprisingly not tense, though it certainly felt as if there were things unsaid.

Quentin rinsed his mouth. He slid his toothbrush into the slot in the holder and turned to leave the bathroom, to go to bed apparently without saying things it was probably healthier for them to say.

Justine stepped in front of him and blocked his path. He quietly smiled and pressed a tender minty fresh kiss to her lips. That still didnít buy him passage from the room.

"Just?" Quent asked. The unease she suspected he felt on the inside began to show on the outside. He grimaced a touch and squeezed her shoulder. On a deep breath he asked, "What is it?"

"The new guy at the garage," Justine said. "I know he has Tansyís seal of approval and our girl does have surprisingly sound judgment, but it would be good to know that you didnít just agree to this because she has her daddy wrapped around her finger. You do think heís an okay guy, right? Youíre not in any danger around him are you?"

"I think the only one heís a danger to is himself."

"That doesnít sound great for him. Iím sorry. But I am grateful for you and the other guys, Tans, too. I want you all safe." Quent nodded. "You donít need to worry."

Something else still worried Justine though. "Is that what you think about me, too? That Iím a danger to myself? That taking on more responsibility at work will be too much for me to handle. Iíll turn into some egomaniac and self-destruct. If thatís what you think then I wonít do it. I donít want to worry you or myself."

Quent touched Justineís face. "Iíll be fine with this promotion, weíll all be fine with it if youíre accepting it because you love the job and it makes you happy. But if youíre doing it because every promotion brings you one step closer to besting your father then yeah I think itís dangerous. Iím scared for you, us, and Tansy. Look at your dadís life, for all his business success thereís personal disasters with every one of his kids."

Episode 611: Shine

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