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Episode Sixty-One: Sweet Surrender

Sparks were shooting off into the dusky sky as Ava slipped off her shoes and sank her toes into the cool sand. She sat on a piece of crumbling driftwood within hearing distance of the giggling screams of females who wanted to be caught by any boy with a polo pony on his pocket. Her mother had wanted her to get out more, here she was.

"You must be cold so far from the fire," Bas said placing his jacket on her shoulders.

She was shivering in denial as she continued playing solitaire tic tac toe with a twig in the sand, sheíd been playing for an hour. "Strange, I found it much colder over there,"

"Great, is this the rich thing again? What? I guess the poor kids never have the time to blow off steam- unless, you, you wouldnít be jealous would you Avalon?"

"Iím not." Ava said succinctly and nearly tripped over her shoes when she tried to walk away. She rolled her eyes at the sky and put her hands on her hips turning back towards him. "Look, Iím not jealous, I wouldnít be jealous of a bunch of ditzy co-eds and frat boys, if thatís how you like to spend your evenings thatís your problem not mine."

"You know," he said, the light from the flames highlighting his smug grin. "Iím starting to think that maybe you donít hate me quite as much as youíd like to, am I right?" He asked facing her, pushing her hair behind her ear and leaving his hand there.

Avalon was fed up with him; he was so nauseating. She lifted her eyes, his jacket fell to the sand as her hand traveled up to his jaw, "Iíve lost my mind..."

Episode Sixty-Two: Always

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