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Episode Sixty-Two: Always

"Sheís so obvious, why on earth havenít they voted her off yet?" These were some of the few words that Justine had uttered to Quent since their anniversary spat, and it could be argued that she wasnít even speaking to her husband, it couldíve easily been the wall.

"This is such crap, change the channel-"

"Of course it is, itís very reflective of reality," Justine answered and broke herself up. Quent laughed too and then reached across her and switched off the remote. Then he pulled her legs onto his lap and began massaging her feet.

She let her cheek fall against the back of the couch. "I heard that Max Papis won a race a few days ago, thatís pretty good I suppose, right?"

He studied her inquisitively and broke into his crooked smile that had made her melt the very first time they met. "I think I need to catch my breath here, my wife actually knows who Max Papis is,"

"Massimiliano Antonio, uh, Cesare Papis," Justine said, her eyes to the ceiling trying to remember.

"Thereís a mouthful, why all the homework? Are you planning on leaving me for him?" Quentin said only partially joking. She pulled back a leg for a running start and he caught her by the ankle in the nick of time. "Watch where youíre aiming to kick me sweetheart,"

"I was." She replied narrowing her eyes at him, then nonchalantly added, "I knew he was your favorite so when those dorky anchormen were talking about him, I listened." Then she sat up and placed her hand on his elbow. "I really didnít mean what I said about the ring, I love it, Iíll always love it."

He bent and kissed her silky ankle. "Iím sorry too, babe."

Episode Sixty-Three: Walk Away While You Can

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