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Episode 606: Here For The Party

Avalon took a seat on the sofa. It was new since she’d last ventured inside the Marques household. "It’s a beautiful color," she said, for lack of anything better to contribute. She wanted to say something for Sebastian’s sake; after all, he’d been supportive of her baby steps towards her dad. She needed to make some sort of effort here, support Bas’ decision to reconcile with his parents, as inexplicable and strained as that reconciliation was thus far.

"Thank you, Ava," Katherine Marques said, "perhaps some day soon we can finally get a glimpse of your home."

Ava answered with a non-committal, polite smile. Ava had nothing really against Katherine other than the woman continually stood by her husband’s schemes no matter who they hurt, including her own children.

"Absolutely, we’ll have to do that, Kath." Phillip Marques leaned forward in his armchair. He reached across to where Sebastian sat on the sofa and clapped his son on the shoulder. "You’d be happy to have us, wouldn’t you, Sebastian?"

After a lengthy delay, Bas muttered, "yeah."

Ava just barely stopped herself from glaring at him. She shook her head. Any other night and she might have been more up to the challenge of feigning some desire to be anywhere near Sebastian’s father, but not on the anniversary of her would-have-been wedding, not when she’d been thinking about Xavier, what might have happened to him since he’d disappeared thanks in large part to an article in a Phillip Marques owned magazine.

She shook her head again, knowing she needed to stop thinking about Xavier. It wasn’t fair to Bas. She was happy with Sebastian; truly, she wouldn’t change partners if Xavier walked through her door tomorrow. Sebastian was the man she wanted to marry now.

Sebastian was the man she wanted to go home with and make up for how distracted she’d been much of the day. She wanted to put her focus and affection where it belonged, and after, they’d talk. She wanted to know what was going on in this house of horrors he’d once called his home. Why had his little sister Addie looked like such a wreck as she’d left earlier? And why had Bas been so insistent on reconciling with his parents, only to barely utter a word to them?

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