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Episode 607: Love Game

Adria knew she hadn’t performed well on the test, despite her intense studying, and Ryley’s assistance, he’d been unable to grasp half of it. Her mind refused to work that way.

Her dad had one of the greatest business minds in the country, and her sister Justine could easily have assumed his role, Adria hated that it was so hard for her.

She could only hope she’d somehow passed, but given that Ryley barely showed up on time for class, rather than meet her in there early, she had a feeling he didn’t have positive news for her.

Ryley hadn’t even met her eyes since he’d walked in. He was probably embarrassed for her. He was probably embarrassed for himself for falling for such a dim bulb.

Well, he probably wasn’t thinking that, but she couldn’t help thinking that and she felt sick inside.

"I know everyone’s been waiting on their test scores," Ryley said, stepping in front of his desk. "But I need you to wait on that for a little bit and help me out with something. I’m thinking of trying out for community theater."

Ryley finally looked at Adria, though her instant glare didn’t appear to rattle him any.

He read from a play Adria knew so well. He was awful. His face and the tops of her ears were nearly as red as his hair.

Adria shook her head.

She knew why he was subjecting his shy self to this humiliation. She knew he was trying to prove a point to her, that not everyone is cut out for everything. She knew the entire point of Ryley’s performance was to comfort her, so she wouldn’t feel alone in her failure.

She knew he was being the sweet man she loved, he wanted to embarrass himself for her, but she couldn’t let him.

She moved to his rescue.

Episode 608: The Entertainer

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