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Episode Sixty: Finally

"Cinderella, arenít you supposed to be home by now?" The cook had tipped off Sebastian that Ava was still there; it paid to be nice to the help. From the doorway he thought that she almost smiled at him even though her eyes were fixed on the desk. He came inside and pulled up beside her on one of those chairs with wheels.

"Donít call her Cinderella, itís insulting, its like the people who think itís charming to call me Dr. Quinn," his mother snapped her briefcase shut. "Bassie could you do me a favor? Make sure youíre home tomorrow for Addieís phone call, your father will forget, and be nice to this one while Iím gone, sheís a gem, okay, Iíve got a plane to catch."

Ava blushed at the compliment and then noticed he had turned his chair to the wall and disregarded Katherineís goodbye. "I have a copy of her itinerary for the medical conference; she really wonít have much spare time." She reluctantly offered.

"Iím sure she wonít," he replied stiffly then kicked off the wall like a swimmer and rolled over to Ava until their chairs were facing, her legs locked between his.

"So, do you turn back into a pumpkin or whatever tonight? No wait, my mistake, Iíd have better luck at that nursing home four blocks away-"

"Sure, where are we going?" She interrupted, and watched happily as his mouth fell open.

Episode Sixty-One: Sweet Surrender

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