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Episode 594: I'll Be

"Any idea what this is about?" Bowie asked his wife as they met up at the entrance to the school.

Worry etched into her pretty features, Lila shrugged. "Heís a good student. Or at least better than I ever was."

"Me, too." Not that his genes had anything to do with Jesse. A thought heíd had a lot over these troubled months. He loved the boy like his own. The possibility of losing Lila was rough enough without wondering whether it would cost him his son as well.

"Maybe itís a commendation type thing," Lila suggested as they made their way inside.

"Yeah, that makes sense."

Still, Bowie couldnít seem to shake his bad feeling about this sudden need for a parent-teacher meeting until he and Lila clasped hands. Everything felt better whenever he had a firm grasp on her.

Jesseís teacher, an elderly woman with short white hair, named Mrs. Craig, welcomed them into her classroom and gestured for them to sit in the two metal chairs sheíd set out before her desk. They did as told, their hands still joined. They looked at Mrs. Craigís borderline grave expression, and exchanged a look like, okay, this isnít okay, Jesse hasnít won an award.

"Iím concerned about your son. Heís a bright boy, but he seems to be having a real problem concentrating, and I donít mean daydreaming from time to time. More and more there are moments when I glance at your child and itís as if heís tortured over something. I havenít seen any conflict with his peers. Is there anything going on at home? Something that would make him terribly nervous?"

"Heís worried his father will leave him," Lila blurted.

Bowieís head snapped in her direction. "What?" He thought he might be sick. "Has Jess said that to you?"

"No, itís justÖ"

"Itís just, what?" Whatever had made his son so insecure he wanted to fix it, now.

"Itís just that I worry about you leaving me, so maybe he worries youíll leave him, too."

Episode 595: You Got Me

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