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Episode 595: You Got Me

Justine sent off one last text on her phone, read a couple more emails, and sent one more text. Yes, okay, sheíd sat there in her parked car longer than she meant to, but sheíd still cut her work day short, that had to count for something.

At least, she hoped it counted for something with her husband.

"Quent," she called out as she entered the desolate garage after finding no sign of him in the office. It wasnít like him to forget to lock up, but at the same time it would be her luck to miss him, that her concerted effort to be early would be too late.

She called Quentinís name again. Relief filled her when the door to the room where they stored parts and things slid open, and out walked Quent with a happy expression. "This is a nice surprise. I thought you were working late tonight."

Like she had been most nights save for their anniversary and a few holiday occasions. Too few. "I changed my mind." Between her husband and her daughter and taking personal stock in the New Year, Justine had finally admitted to herself that she was working too hard, she could stand to focus a little less on gaining responsibility at Michael Gableís public relations firm, and more on her family.

Recent behavior to the contrary, she didnít want to compete with her father to become the master of the universe, she didnít want to be like him, have a kid who hated her and a spouse who looked elsewhere for companionship. But she did crave business success, as well. It must have been in her genes. Despite knowing what was at stake, sheíd still had the hardest time leaving her desk.

The important thing was, she was here, and gladdened by how pleased Quent was to see her. "I thought maybe we could pick up Tans from your mom and dadís, and all go out for a family dinner."

Her husbandís handsome face went from ecstatic to crestfallen in a heartbeat. "Youíre going to think Iím such hypocrit, but I canít get away. I was hoping that guy from the shelter would show up to help, but he didnít and things have piled up all day, the storage roomís a mess. If I donít sort things out weíll never get back on track."

Quent shook his head and pulled Justine in for a kiss. "I hate this. I really am sorry. It does mean a lot to me that you took off work; Iíve been really worried you were going so far overboard that Iíd never get you back."

"Well, Iím here, and if I help maybe we can have family dessert with our girl. I know it maybe hasnít seemed like it, but being with you two really does mean a lot to me, too."

Episode 596: The One That got Away

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