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Episode 592: That Good

Every few minutes she snuck a lingering look at him. She was supposed to focus on her studies but tonight she couldn’t. It was New Year’s Eve for goodness sake!

This was the night she’d met the love of her life. It was impossible for her not to feel overly sentimental, to steal looks at the man who refused to stop being her husband no matter how hard she pushed him away. It was impossible not to return to that first night, to all the nights they’d shared. It was impossible not to yearn for more.

Adria forced her attention back to the text in front of her. As usual, it mostly read like a foreign tongue, sure, more of it made sense now that Ryley was taking her through it step by step, but she still didn’t understand business stuff as well as she needed to.

Adria smacked a palm to her forehead.

Ryley replaced her hand with his caressing touch. "Don’t hit yourself."

"It’s not like I have a brain in there."

"You have a beautiful brain and I want it to stay that way."

Adria shook her head. Love really must be blind. "How many weeks have you been tutoring me and still hardly anything has sunk into my thick skull. Don’t you ever wonder how you could end up married to an idiot?"

"I wonder how I landed such a smart, beautiful, and talented wife."

Ryley took Adria’s face in his hands. Everything was still for a moment, except for their lips inching closer. Adria lept up off the sofa and headed out to the balcony just as fireworks signaling the start of the New Year exploded in the sky. Within seconds, his arms came around her. They felt so good. Too good to resist. She turned to her husband and let her palms climb his chest.

"I’m going to make you proud," she vowed and then she kissed him.

Episode 593: Save The World

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