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Episode 593: Save The World

It was too late to turn back. He grimaced. He kept his head down and inside his hoodie, not that it did him any good. The kid’s dad had already spotted him, had clearly been waiting for him to show up at the shelter.


He kept walking even as he heard the guy call after him, and the heavy footsteps. He didn’t stop until he was far in the back where he’d worked a few time stocking donations.

Thankfully, there was no one around.

Even if no one there knew his name, and had only seen partial glimpses of his face, he was concerned she’d somehow hear about him. He didn’t want to worry her. Or disappoint her. At least not any more than he already had. He sure as hell didn’t want her to hear a word of whatever misguided accusation this guy was going to throw at him.

He turned to the guy that had thirty or forty pounds of muscle on him. He’d had to face down worse in his life. He folded his arms. "Yeah?"

He saw the guy trying to get a better look at his face, but it wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t want anyone recognizing him. Ever.

"I think you’re the guy who knows my little girl. She’s blonde and-"

"Is she okay?" His heart raced. Was she not okay? He shook his head. Of course she wasn’t. Why would her dad have staked out the homeless dude if not because something had happened to her? Something bad. Damn. The world just… sucked. He scrubbed both of his hands in their filthy fingerless gloves over his face. "I should have been tougher on her about talking to strangers. I’ll never forgive myself if-"

"Hey," the dad clapped him on the shoulder. "Tans is good. She’s home. And right about now, seeing the concern you’re showing for her, I’d say she has decent instincts when it comes to talking to strangers. She’s concerned about you, too. She wanted me to offer you the job that just opened up at my garage, but I wasn’t sure, until now."

Episode 594: I'll Be

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