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Episode 591: Running With The Night

Ryley made one more check in the mirror and for a moment wondered if maybe he was overdoing it, but he only wondered for a moment. Why not show her the lengths heíd go to for her? He had to convince her that she meant the world to him. This madness had to stop. Maybe it would stop tonight.

He could always hope. He would never give up, even if sometimes it felt like he should.

He walked into the living room and switched on the Christmas tree lights. He smiled. He could definitely hope. After all, heíd never expected her to start hanging ornaments. He hadnít expected that night to turn into laughter and smiles. Nor had he expected her to accept his invitation to study on Christmas day, let alone for her to agree to stay to dinner.

Anything was possible, Ryley promised himself as he strode across the room and opened the door to his wife. Wow. The things one look at her did to his pulse.

She crossed her arms. "Why are you wearing a tuxedo? And why is there candlight and pretty music? This isÖ Iím here to study, thatís all."

Ryley ushered Adriaís distressingly heavy feet into the apartment and with some struggle pried loose her arms and pulled off her coat. When he saw her dress his knees nearly gave way. "Why are you wearing that?"

"I-" Adria looked down her body and frowned at her party dress. She gave the strapless part a hefty tug up. "I guess I wasnít thinking. I just threw this on."

"I think deep down you were thinking itís New Yearís Eve, and Iím your husband, and this is the anniversary of the night we met. You want to celebrate that as much as I do."

Adria shook her head. "I donít want to celebrate guilting you into a relationship, trying my virginity on you like a hair shirt."

Ryley shook his head in return. "You touched me in places I hadnít expected." He saw his words touch her. Melt in her eyes. Happy New Year, indeed.

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