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Episode Fifty-Nine: Whatever You Say

"Is my sister around?" Sebastian asked, running his hand along the body of a muscle car.

Quentin shoved Bas back a foot. "Mind keeping your hands off, it’s expensive," he said and began wiping away his brother-in-law’s fingerprints.

"She’s not here then?" Bas repeated, tapping his fingers impatiently on his thigh.

Quent let out a big breath tossing the rag in his hands. "That’s right genius, right about now Justine would rather be hiking the Eco-challenge than spend any time here with me."

"The Debutante and The Mechanic, and they said it wouldn’t last," Bas thought it was funny until he saw Quent glaring at him, he had an intimidating glare. "Sorry man, it's a compulsion, someone should have kicked my ass a long time ago, luckily you love my sister so you’re not going to do the honors, right?"

The dark haired man shook his head and started for his office. "There’s this girl," Bas said, following behind him. "She’s obsessed with my money, well, no; she’s obsessed with thinking I’m a complete idiot because I have money-"

Quentin sneered, "Don’t lift a finger to change her perfect little mind, trust me,"

"Great, lots of help," he said through stiff lips. "Um, could I borrow some change for the pop machine? I was sort of robbed this morning."

Episode Sixty: Finally

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